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Listen here! Social Media Influencers like @JaydaCheaves (Jayda Wayda)  @India_Arie, Ari Fletcher and so many more making THOUSANDS of dollars DAILY....yes they have large following BUT 

  • Let me teach YOU  How Influence to become a social media influencer  WITH LESS THAN 1K FOLLOWERS and make $15k-$25K PER MONTH
  • Also learn how to get brand deals with popular companies as their brand ambassador and make thousands of dollars.  There is a secret formula to this and i want to give you the guide step by step

You Don't Have To Be A Celebrity To Become A Successful Influencer! However, you do want to learn what it takes to become successful. 

You probably think you can try your luck, create a profile, post some photos or videos, and wait for the brands to contact you for a sponsored post. Well, we have the secret e sauce! First, you need to follow the exact steps other successful Influencers have followed. You need to have a system in place.

Becoming a social media  influencer or being considered an influencer is not only about having many followers. It is about having your opinion, lifestyle, passion followed and reviewed by a particular audience.  Big popular brands love social media influencers because they encourage their followers to buy products they promote. 2022 will be the best year for YOU to become an influencer!. Let me help you achieve this goal! 

! Here is what you'll learn in this step by step guides ( 2 EBOOKS part 1 and 2)

  • How Influencers Generate Their Income( YES YOU CAN DO THIS WITH LESS THAN 1K FOLLOWERS!)
  • ​How To Set Yourself Ready To Be Contacted By Big Brands For Promotions, partnerships or become their paid ambassador  ( Step by Step Guide)
  • ​How To Go Viral On  Instagram and TikTok)
  • ​How To Use Hashtags & Challenges The Right Way On TikTok and Instagram
  • ​TikTok /IG Analytics - The Best Tool For An Influencer
  • What's The Most Important Things When Selecting Your Niche( We even give you ideas)
  • How To Use Captions And Hashtags Like A Pro On Instagram
  • ​How To Use Analyze Your Audience And Create Viral Posts ( We give you ideas)
  • ​Things You Should Never Do As An Influencer
  • ​How To Setup Your Youtube Channel The Right Way
  • ​Analyzing Your Channel Data For Maximum Exposure 

--DONE FOR YOU CONTENT THAT CONVERT!Creating the right content is the secret sauce to the success of your business. Having strategic content planned out, automated and attached to a desired outcome is going to save you so much time & energy!

Providing consistent and valuable content to your audience will also contribute to your sales conversion, increase visibility, build your KLT (know, like & trust factor) and allow you to show up as an authority in your market plus so much more!

Content is Videos, Photos, Stories, Ads  or Anything that you post social media for your business. Anybody can post anything online but when it comes to your business, services or brand YOU HAVE TO BE STRATEGIC! 

This why many people struggle with the correct content to post, they also dont know what topic to discuss when they go live! This could be you too and it's why i created  this 60 days OF DONE FOR YOU CONTENT THAT SALE. JUST POST AND WATCH THE CONVERSION! t will literally bring your engagement UP TO THE ROOF.  You'll get more follower which will lead to buyers. 

So no more stress. You can also even plan your posts ahead of time because of this tells you what to say, what to post and how to do it..   


Last chance! only 5 copies left to download! The earlier you apply for these grants, the better . Please dont procrastinate! you have spent countless hours searching for business grants and you're stressed about finding startup funds for your business, I GOT YOU! i've been there! There's so much information and resources out there that most of you don't know about or have access to. I have been a business owner for 12 years. Business GRANTS and startup funds are available out there, you just don't know where and how to get the plug. Access:

I’ve included various industries and grant sources:

💰  Corporate Grants

💰  Business Grants

💰  Specialty Grants
💰  Federal Grants
💰  State Grants
💰  Minority Grants

I’ve included industries like E-commerce, Real Estate, General Small Business (which is pretty much any industry), Child care and so much more 

.. NO FLUFF, it covers

💸  Where to find business grants and HOW to pitch competitions

💸  How to get an angel investor and what investing
instrument I use

💸  Where to find accelerators and a few broken down by category

💸  Different crowdfunding investment platforms AND a link to new campaigns!

💸  A list of early stage venture capital firms to bookmark

💸  Loans and credit cards that my biz friends recommend

💸  Easy things you can sell in the meantime


Your favorite guru is telling you there is a secret to six figures online but they want to hide it under this secret  strategy but the only strategy most brands have is paying for promo. Promos are like influencer ads but unlike influencer ads, promos require you to come up with your own caption and content. For a small business who cannot afford to send out free products and pay for ads, promos are the best way to get started.. 

I kid you not, Instagram promos can make you go from overlooked to overbooked in just 5 months. Because how else did you hear from us? We lined out what you should and shouldn't do in this e book along with the pages you can use for your business. We want you to be successful therefore, make sure you follow our templates! Your sales are about to increase and your paypal, shopify, stripe notifications will definitely give you joy 



Got a product or range of products that aren’t selling as fast as you would like them to? Selling online is an art and a science, and the smallest changes can, therefore, have profound effects on your success. In this ebook, you will discover five strategies that will drastically boost your sales – all in less than 7 days.

The information in this book LITERALLY helped my mold my first 7-Figure Empire,



Say goodbye to confusing marketing strategies and just use these simple ones that help me make $4k-$5 DAILY . . Access 50 simple ways to make more money in your business RIGHT NOW for any product you sell!

No fluff just apply these steps to help you make more money constantly. There are MILLIONS of people on this earth and many of them DO need your product 




Even though vending machines have been around for many years, lately, there's been a lot of buzz about building a vending machine empire and allowing it to become an operation to build generational wealth. People are making $5K to $15K per month.

These machines are not only for snacks and drinks. You can also sell lashes, hair, feminine products, skincare, hair products, jewelry, books, bodyshapers ALMOST ANYTHING !!!

When running a vending machine business, you'll generate money while you sleep, so what better way to position yourself to earn a predictable income for you and your family? Once you crack into this eBook, you will be able to build a solid empire for yourself for the rest of your life.



What is the purpose of a funnel? 

Online sales funnels typically begin with traffic driving to a landing page, obtaining prospects' email addresses, and ending with a sale.

 Having a thorough understanding of the process allows you to strategically route your customer's journey. Developing a strong sales funnel will allow you to increase sales, increase profits, and ultimately make your business more stable. 

You cannot be profitable and efficient with 1-to-1 sales unless you sell very high-ticket products or services. Your product or service will be sold via an automated sales funnel without you having to do anything.

There's nothing better than knowing that you can have a steady stream of income running in the background even when your ticket sales are high! 

This 22 page workbook is worth THOUSANDS of dollars. Includes:

Establishing your sales funnel goals

Researching the market

Creating a lead magnet that is irresistible



! My new guide that will show you how to find mental clarity in your life and in business.It's Called: Gain Mental Clarity - How To Obtain Mental Clarity In Your Business To Achieve Greater Success and Make Money!.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this powerful guide:

• Discover the different kinds of mental clutter and what can trigger it.

• Learn how to let go of the past and why it's essential for clearing out mental clutter and gaining mental clarity.

• Learn about the power of positive thinking and how you can use it to achieve greater success.

• Discover how you can dramatically improve your focus so you can get more done and move closer to achieving your goals.

• Learn the different techniques for clearing the mental clutter so you can gain more mental clarity in your business.


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