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blow up your business overnight duh!-

blow up your business overnight duh!-

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I kid you not, Instagram promos can make you go from NO sales to overflow in sales the same day . We lined out what you should and shouldn't do in this list along with 100 Instagram pages  that do amazing promos -you can use for your business. We want you to be successful therefore, make sure you follow our templates! Your sales are about to increase and your paypal, shopify, stripe notifications will definitely give you joy 

Your favorite guru is telling you there is a secret to six figures online but they want to hide it under this secret  strategy but the only strategy most brands have is paying for promo. Promos are like influencer ads but unlike influencer ads, promos require you to come up with your own caption and content. For a small business who cannot afford to send out free products and pay for ads, IG promos are the best way to get started.. 

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